Zankyou wedding website reviews

Zankyou wedding website reviews

After some research, i have decided to go with zankyou to set up a wedding registry and it ended up being the most bizarre experience i have ever had with the websites.

Zankyou is a fantastic wedding website that offers brides the chance to make use of a range of great features that make planning and executing the perfect wedding simple and straightforward. Many of you may already be aware of zankyou as the site has been featured in a number of bridal publications (including bridal magazine) and womens interest magazines, such as elle.

According to their website, zankyou was launched in 2007 in order to help todays modern couples easily organize the wedding they really want by providing them with the most. After you have built your wedding website your guests will be able to visit to find.

Zankyou is the best assistent for your wedding! You dont need a wedding planer webside wise if you work with zankyou. The website has numerous options which one can chose from to create ones personal and stylish wedding invitation website.

0 stars and see how it compares to the other 24 wedding websites weve reviewed.

Written on 08082012 by amy1985 (1 review written) i set up a zankyou wedding registry for my sister and her fiance. They were hoping to get cash for a home downpayment and after some research of other cash wedding registries, they had the lowest rates so when chose them.

Do you agree with zankyous trustscore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 2,577 customers have already said.

Very easy to use website, lots of different templatesdesign options to choose from. Customer service was excellent, staff always replied promptly. Main downside - the website takes a commission on all cash gifts made by wedding guests and also charges a transaction fee every time a guest gives a cash gift, regardless of the amount.

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Zankyou wedding website reviews

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