Tsiv miner nvidia

Tsiv miner nvidia

Contribute to nanopooltsiv-xmr-miner development by creating an account on github. -t, --threadsn number of miner threads (default number of nvidia gpus in your system)-r, --retriesn number of times to retry if a network call fails (default.).

  this miner is forked from tsivccminer-cryptonight which is a fork of tpruvot miner. It is modded and optimized to get the maximum performance out of nvidia gpus. The latest release of this miner supports cryptonight v3, v7 and v8.

The new fork of ccminer by tsiv with support for the cryptonight algorithm used by coins such as monero (xmr) has been updated to provide better performance up to about 18 increase on gtx 750 ti according to the author.

There is now a new fork of ccminer for nvidia gpu miners available that adds support for x13 mining (this is not an official release). The fork of ccminer by tsiv ( source ) adds x13 support with a performance that is just a bit lower than what nvidia gpus are offering in terms of x11 mining hashrate, though the hashrate could probably be further improved with some optimizations.

  there is now a new fork of ccminer for nvidia gpu miners available that adds support for x13 mining (this is not an official release). The fork of ccminer by tsiv ( source ) adds x13 support with a performance that is just a bit lower than what nvidia gpus are offering in terms of x11 mining hashrate, though the hashrate could probably be further improved with some optimizations.

You might be able to pull off using your video card and mining at the same time, but i wouldnt recommend it.

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Tsiv miner nvidia

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