Test lightning network

Test lightning network

7) now youre connected to the lightning network (on testnet of course), and you can open channels and sendreceive payments. Step 10 is optional, if you want to try to open a channel with a faucet 8) go here httpsfaucet. Community , in target node you must paste your node id, to find it go to eclair in the bottom-left corner, to copy it just right-click on it and select copy pubkey.

To set up your own lightning node on the bitcoin test network (meaning it wont handle real bitcoin, so you can feel free to play around with valueless test bitcoins) youll need to install a number of software packages and compile some of the code yourself using command lines.

  the bitfury group, the worlds leading full-service blockchain technology company, announced today that its developers have successfully tested the lightning network on the main bitcoin network.

1ml - lightning network search and analysis engine - bitcoin testnet.

  if you want to test lightning network and do a few transactions or if you want easy to use wallet then we recommend using wallet of satoshi. If you want a complete control over your private keys, then breez is what you would like to use.

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Test lightning network

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