Syndicate bank card block

Syndicate bank card block

  you can also block your debit card by calling customer care of the syndicate bank. All you have to do is call syndicate bank on their toll-free number 18004250585 and tell them that you have lost your card somewhere.

  you can block syndicate bank atm card by 3 different methods -block syndicate bank atm card by calling customer care block syndicate bank atm card by email. Block syndicate bank atm card by visiting syndicate bank home branch.

  you can block your atmdebit card online by choosing different options 1. Sending an email to your bank choose any of these options and block your atmdebit card online.

Post blocking of the credit card, customer will receive the sms. This is to remember that customer will not receive the sms if.

Resolved unblocking of syndicatebank atm pin if the holders of syndicatebank debit cards are getting thr error as you card atm pin is blocked or your card is blocked then follow the below instruction to unblock the debit card. Check it out whether the mandatory period of 90 days for atm pin change is over or not.

  if you are calling from another line, and wish to report and block your debit card, you can call either of these two syndicate bank 24 hours customer care numbers 080 2512 5300. For internet banking if you need help with internet banking or are facing any issue with logging in or carrying out any transaction online, you can contact the 24 hour helpline.

  perhaps the fastest way to block a syndicate bank debit card is to call the banks customer care number. The customer can call either the toll-free number 1800 425 0585, or phone numbers that incur charges 09483522433 and 080 25125300.

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Syndicate bank card block

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