Second choice meaning

Second choice meaning

  being second choice means when you try to make plans with someone they will already be busy.

  being a second choice means swallowing stupid excuses again and again. You are used to hearing that they were too busy to text you back or that they totally forget they were supposed to meet up with you.

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Second choice translation in english - english reverso dictionary, see also second,second childhood,second class,second in command, examples, definition, conjugation.

  here are four insecurities youll have when you settle for being someones second choice.

  a man who will proudly hold your hand in front of all of his friends and family. You deserve to be with a guy who wont have any doubts about you or your relationship. Who wont have any second thoughts about whether he should commit to you. A guy who will be certain of his feelings and who will want a future with you.

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Second-guess definition is - to criticize or question actions or decisions of (someone) often after the results of those actions or decisions are known also .

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Second choice meaning

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