Rent to buy pco cars

Rent to buy pco cars

Valid for all pco cars on the used rent 2 buy tab excluding the mercedes vito tourer select. After the first 6 weeks, weekly rent will return to the standard price.

Rent to buy pco cars in london our rent to buy scheme is for pco drivers in london who want to own an uber-approved car without spending a fortune. By making regular affordable payments from just 250 per week, you can be the proud owner of your rented toyota prius in just two to three years.

If you have a pco licence and want to work as a cab driver we have simple options to get you on the road in a pco vehicle as soon as today! When renting from solis cars, your mind is at ease.

A fuel-efficient rent to buy pco car option with low emissions, packed full of the latest tech.

We provide pco car hire services on a rent and rent to buy plan.

Hirebrid requires the following documentation from anyone applying to hire or rent to buy a pco car 1. Two proofs of address these will then be cross-referenced with your dvla records to check for any penalties which might appear on your record.

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Rent to buy pco cars

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