Nbc rate cambodia

Nbc rate cambodia

National bank of cambodia is celebrating asean savings day on the launch of interoperable qr payment linkage between cambodia and thailand in bangkok, thailand.

The national bank of cambodias exchange rate policy is one of the key tools in the nbcs monetary policy. Continuing to implement the managed floating regime, the nbc will intervene in the foreign exchange market to maintain the exchange rate in accordance with the determined objective.

  cambodia official exchange rate nbc khr to us dollar data was reported at 4,045. Cambodia official exchange rate nbc khr to us dollar data is updated monthly, averaging 4,034. 000 khrusd from jan 1996 to mar 2021, with 303 observations.

  the latest nbc forecast is in line with international financial institutions predictions for cambodias economic growth in 2021.

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Nbc rate cambodia

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