Mt4 expert advisor error 0

Mt4 expert advisor error 0

Ordermodify with same tp and sl as before and repeat it then it gives error0.

  all expert advisors created by ea coder display a special error message code on mt4 charts when an error occurs during the open, close or modification phase of an order. If you see a message like oe131 on your chart when a new trade was supposed to be opened, youll know that an error has occurred.

Green autotrading button indicates that expert advisors are enabled on mt4. Red autotrading button indicates that expert advisors are disabled on mt4. So if at any time you want to stop all trading robots running on your mt4 you can simply disable autotrading option.

Check experts and journal tabs at the bottom of your terminal if there are no any error alerts in there, then this means that your expert advisor is launched successfully and is currently running.

  how to install a forex robot expert advisor into metatrader 4 without errors httpsyoutu.

Depending on the error code funerror() returns 1 if the error is not critical and the operation can be repeated, and 0 if the error is critical. Critical errors are divided into two types - those, after which a program execution can be continued (for example, a common error) and those, after which execution of any trade operations must be stopped (for example, blocked account).

Open the metatrader 4 data folder (via fileopen data folder ). Copy all the folders from the archive directly to the mql4 folder. Restart metatrader 4 or refresh the expert advisors list by right-clicking the navigator subwindow of the platform and choosing refresh.

  look at the top of your mt4 platform, left side click tools options expert advisors the bottom choice of allow web request on the line in the block you enter the url. You also have to allow ddl imports and allow automated trading for your expert to work.

9100 9103 - your mt4 andor ea check boxes are not correctly set.

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Mt4 expert advisor error 0

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