Mdt lss gen2 chassis system

Mdt lss gen2 chassis system

  the lss gen2 chassis system now sports a bold and modern new look inspired by the contours of our more recent chassis lines like the ess, acc & lss-xl gen2, and is lighter than ever (1.).

22lr caliber rifles is lightweight and compact, and adopts the same footprint as the lss. You will notice a significant improvement in accuracy due to the v-shaped bedding and free floated forend, which allows for barrel contours up to 1 in diameter.

The lss gen2 chassis system now sports a bold and modern new look inspired by the contours of our more recent chassis lines like the ess, acc & lss-xl gen2, and is lighter than ever (1.).

  replace your stock on your tikka t3, remington 700 or one of many other bolt action rifles with our tactical chassis!our lss chassis was designed for use wit.

  mdt lss gen2 savage chassis system orderable models list of orderable models mdt lss gen 2 chassis system, savage long action - models 110, 111, 112, 116, right position, cerakote black, 104182-blk , mpn 104182-blk , upc 709951109618 ,.

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Mdt lss gen2 chassis system

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