Jadwal film kota cinema mall jatiasih

Jadwal film kota cinema mall jatiasih

Film, food, fun, in one easy to reach place, the modern lifestyle solution. Modern and comfortable cinemas complete with high tech projectors and sound systems.

The cinemas reserve the right to cancel any show 30 60 minutes before the show starts.

Check out latest movies playing and show times at fun cinemas city mall, kota and other nearby theatres in your city. Book movie tickets at cinemas near you in kota on bookmyshow. Theatres with social distancing & safety procedures are present.

Showtimes above may include gsc gold class, gsc premiere class, gsc maxx, gsc onyx, gsc play, gsc screenx, gsc imax, gsc 4dx, gsc getha lux suite, gsc comfort cabin, gsc escape studio, mbo kecil, mbo big screen, mbo premier, mbo mx4d, mbo onyx, tgv luxe, tgv beanieplex, tgv indulge, tgv imax, tgv deluxe, tgv onyx, tgv infinity, tgv prestige, tgv flexound, tgv deluxe, mmcineplexes platinum.

Kota cinema mall merupakan jaringan bioskop mandiri (standalone) di indonesia yang menggabungkan konsep gedung bioskop, pujasera (food court) dengan beragam menu pilihan, panggung serbaguna (multifunctional stage) untuk penyelenggaraan berbagai event, arena bermain untuk anak-anak (playground), dan juga area ruang terbuka dalam satu lokasi.

Kota online movie tickets booking - check out movie tickets online, showtimes, tickets rates, cost, release date in kota theatres, multiplexes, inox, pvr cinemas movie listings at filmibeat.

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Jadwal film kota cinema mall jatiasih

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