How to sell on questrade

How to sell on questrade

  this stepy-by-step video tutorial shows people how to buy and sell stocks mmand etfs on questrade.

To place a stock trade on questrade trading log in to questrade trading in the top right corner, click buysell to open the order entry tab enter the symbol or name of the stock youre looking to trade enter the details of your trade (see explanation below) click buy or sell.

  how to buy and sell your etfs in questrade you click on the buysell button in the top right-hand corner then you type in the stock ticker symbol (e.).

  to bring up the order entry box and place a trade, click on the buysell button on the top right corner of the screen. Iq web the order entry box can be found at the very bottom of the screen. Beyond buying and selling, you will want to keep track of the activity in your account.

Log in to questrade trading in the top right corner, click buysell to open the order entry tab (insert icon) enter the symbol or name of the underlying security youre looking to trade in the symbol field, change stk to opt to trade options choose your option type (single-leg, multi-leg, or custom options are available).

  i have many tutoral videos on questrade and how to trade options.

Set the dropdown box on the top left to options click on the symbol for the option you wish to sell click the buysell button fill out the order form in the right pane.

I think you need to approve your tfsa for options level 2 to sell options (ie opening short positions). You cant be naked short on a call or a put im a tfsa so if you have the 100 shares it should let you sell the call as long as the options level is activated for that account.

  questrade wrote hi fogo, im john from questrade and id be happy to help you. As jungle and cmackie mentioned, mutual funds are bought and sold through the mutual fund center in my.

I always get some sort of error, stating i dont hold enough of the underlying shares. I have enough buying power to execute the put, so i am unsure what the requirements are to be able to sell a put.

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How to sell on questrade

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