How far is orlando sanford fl sfb from disney world

How far is orlando sanford fl sfb from disney world

  how far is it from orlando sanford airport (sfb) to walt disney world? The distance between orlando sanford airport (sfb) and walt disney world is 33 miles.

The total driving distance from sfb to disney world is 47 miles or 76 kilometers. Your trip begins at orlando sanford international airport in sanford, florida.

Yes, the driving distance between orlando sanford airport (sfb) to walt disney world dolphin, orlando is 47 miles. It takes approximately 54 min to drive from orlando sanford airport (sfb) to walt disney world dolphin, orlando.

How far is sanford airport from disney world? Measuring the distance between sanford airport and disney world is quite far. It is about 42 miles to 47 miles away depending on your starting point.

Halfway between sfb and disney world the best city between sfb and disney world to meet is orlando, florida which is about 4 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually azalea park, florida.

How far is orlando sanford airport from disney?the distance between orlando sanford airport (sfb) and walt disney world is 33 miles.

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How far is orlando sanford fl sfb from disney world

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