How are bitcoin profits taxed

How are bitcoin profits taxed

  if you buy bitcoin and hold it for more than a year, you pay long-term capital gains when you sell.

  this would be a short-term gain if you held the bitcoin for a year or less, so it would be taxed as ordinary income according to your tax bracket.

  if you acquired a bitcoin (or part of one) from mining, that value is taxable immediately no need to sell the currency to create a tax liability.

  bitcoin is property, not currency the first thing to know about bitcoin is that it is property in the eyes of the irs. Despite how you may view it or use it, the irs says for tax purposes, bitcoin.

  unlike most assets, the gain or loss from a sale of bitcoin, or its use in an exchange, would generally be taxed as ordinary income, and be ineligible for capital gain treatment.

  when you convert or exchange cryptoswapping bitcoin for ethereum, for exampleyou owe taxes on any gains you earn in the transaction.

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How are bitcoin profits taxed

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How are bitcoin profits taxed

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