Heathrow t3 pick up

Heathrow t3 pick up

Pick-up point is sign-posted and marked on the ground in the car park. The passenger will meet you in the pick up area on level 1 of the car park (far left when you enter level 1).

Find heathrow terminal 3 flight information, maps, driving directions, public transport, airlines and information about services and facilities.

  tutorial video for heathrow airport pick updrop off point with full description, prices, instructions, map also included.

I know this is technically not allowed but if you time it right, i check estimated arrival time and add half an hour to it. If you end up waiting more than about 15 minutes then drive round the block and wait in another position.

Exit the m4 (junction 4) or m25 (junction 15) and follow signs for heathrow terminals 2 and 3. You may unload on the terminal forecourt but waiting is not permitted. Police and airport staff patrol the forecourts and will ask waiting vehicles to move on.

Terminal 3 is home to the oneworld alliance of airlines as well as virgin atlantic.

Find out more about travelling with apl cars from basic london heathrow transport prices to executive and business fares. Contact us on 020 8688 7744 (44 (0)20 8688 7744 if calling from outside the uk) or send an email to infoaplcars.

  collecting passengers must be done via the t3 car park, and a charge of 2. Baa do not provide clear signage anywhere on the airport to confirm these details.

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Heathrow t3 pick up

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