Foin price p2pb2b

Foin price p2pb2b

Users are able to generate foin through the process of mining.

P2pb2b cryptocurrency exchange platform offers for the community its own pact native token. Pact is designed to make users experience more convenient and profitable. It allows to get increased profit, save funds on comissions and get exclusive airdrops for community members only.

It has a circulating supply of 0 foin coins and a max supply of 100 million.

  p2pb2b utilizes the high processing speed with the ability to handle up to.

  p2pb2b trade volume and market listings cryptos 9,792 exchanges 377 market cap .

  furthermore, foin trades at two radically different prices on each exchange. At press time the token is trading aroune 3,200 on hotbit, while it has sky-rocketed to 4,000 on p2pb2b. Connections to blacklisted firm initially, the foin token was managed by the now-defunct site financial.

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Foin price p2pb2b

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Foin price p2pb2b

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