Fidessa trading uk limited

Fidessa trading uk limited

To grow your business, you need advanced technology that can unify your operations, simplify your workflows, and boost your efficiency. Whether youre a boutique broker or a global bank, fidessa gives you everything you need for equities trading in one, integrated solution.

For fidessa trading uk limited (03781700) registered office address.

Fidessa trading uk limited is located in woking, united kingdom and is part of the information technology services industry. Fidessa trading uk limited has 627 employees at this location and generates 230.

Fidessa trading uk limited (the company) is a private limited company, incorporated on (thursday) in uk. The company current operating status is active and registered office is at co ion, 10 queen street place, london, england.

Fidessa trading uk limited is an active company incorporated on with the registered office located in london, city of london. There are currently 2 active directors and 1 active secretary according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 11th may 2020.

  search and find company accounts information for fidessa trading uk limited, co ion 10 queen street place london ec4r 1be.

Contact details for fidessa trading uk limited in woking gu21 5bh from 192.

Fidessa trading uk limited was founded on and has its registered office in london.

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Fidessa trading uk limited

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Fidessa trading uk limited

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