Dragon age inquisition bear hide farming

Dragon age inquisition bear hide farming

  this is just my route, if you find a better way, please share! Thanks! -- watch live at httpwww.

Dragon age inquisition is the third installment in biowares popular action-rpg franchise dragon age.

Acquisition edit source looted from bears in the hinterlands and on the storm coast. Available at emporiums crafting materials for 84 (infinite amount).

  great bear hide is a crafting material in dragon age inquisition. 1 acquisition 2 uses 3 gallery 4 see also looted from great bears in the emerald graves and emprise du lion. Six from gather leather war table operation with leliana after capturing suledin keep (repeatable).

  great bear hide tier 3 where to find emerald graves and emprise du lion with this crafting material, you will receive high armor rating 1.

In emprise du lion, if you head to the northwestern part of the frozen river near sahrnia sometimes a great bear spawns. If youre lucky it will immediately respawn after you kill it.

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Dragon age inquisition bear hide farming

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Dragon age inquisition bear hide farming

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