Current exchange rate of dollar to kenyan shilling

Current exchange rate of dollar to kenyan shilling

  below you can see the chart for the kenyan shilling rate today compared to the dollar.

4 jan 13 jan 28 feb 12 feb 27 mar 14 mar 29 apr 13 apr 28 120-day exchange rate history for usd to kes quick conversions from united states dollar to kenyan shilling 1 usd 106.

  dollar to kenyan shilling forecast, usd to kes foreign exchange rate prediction, buy and sell signals. The best long-term & short-term usdkes fx prognosis for 2021.

  table of 1 us dollar to kenyan shilling exchange rate updated 120521.

97822 kes usd kes rate for 1282021 1272021 wednesday 110. 26239 kes usd kes rate for 1272021 1262021 tuesday 109. 86739 kes usd kes rate for 1262021 1252021 monday 110. 23101 kes usd kes rate for 1252021 1222021 friday 110.

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Current exchange rate of dollar to kenyan shilling

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Current exchange rate of dollar to kenyan shilling

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