Bitstamp credit card deposit

Bitstamp credit card deposit

You can deposit funds from your credit card to bitstamp here deposit with credit card httpswww. With our instant buy option, you can buy bitcoins in seconds by using your visa or mastercard credit and debit cards.

  go to the deposit page and choose credit card from the side menu choose the amount you would like to spend enter your card details and click submit and then youre good to go! This service has been brought to you in cooperation with our partner, simplex. For any further information, please contact our support team at supportbitstamp.

  in this tutorial,i will be showing you after your account is verified on how easy it is to buy crypto using credit card,international bank wire and sepa tran.

But if you dont get to that other department your main banks cc telephone agents will tell you that they dont even see a request for authorization.

Bitstamp will act only on your instructions in respect of virtual assets and digital assets, and does not otherwise acquire any right, title or interest in them. So they shouldnt be legally allowed to sell my assets without my direct instructions.

  bitstamp credit card deposit hey bitstamp, im trying to deposit using the credit card option, however the page immediately shows me a message saying the transaction was declined by my card issuer. My bank has confirmed there werent any declined transactions so the issue is on your side.

  this can be done by navigating to the deposit tab in your account. You can choose to make a bank transfer, transfer your preferred cryptocurrency or use a credit card in order to transfer funds. Deposits made onto the platform can take as long as 1-3 working days, though some users do report much faster deposit times.

  deposit fees are as follows debit cards fixed-fee of 10.

We are working to resolve this matter and will let you know as soon as all services are back online. In the meantime, you can fund your account by sending a sepa (europe) or international bank deposit.

Jeno92001) submitted 25 minutes ago by jeno92001 i have been trying to make a purchase on bitstamp but each time i try im told, unfortunately, your transaction was declined by your card provider.

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Bitstamp credit card deposit

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Bitstamp credit card deposit

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