Best vg pg ratio for smok novo

Best vg pg ratio for smok novo

  because temperatures and vapor production capability is higher in dl vape tanks, many vapers opt for the smooth throat hit of vg dominant e juice.

For instance, many e-juices use a combination of the two, such as 70 vg and 30 pg, which is the optimum ratio to provide a decent throat hit while preserving flavor and vapor production.

A 60 vg and 40 pg blend is usually the best mix for most vapers, as it produces the best balance, but you can always experiment with ratios to find the best blend for you.

6 ohm coils without problem, but id still stay at 80vg max. Pg is what carries flavour and provides the throat hit so consider that as well.

  most all pod mods, the novo 2 uses a draw-activated firing method to vaporize the juice in the mesh coil, 2ml pod. Designed to work best with todays nicotine salt e-juices, i found freebase nicotine 5050 pgvg blends, at 6mg nicotine to satisfy my vape needs best.

My recommendation is to start out with a 5050 mix of pg and vg in your e-liquid. Then after you have tried it, you can make adjustments on your next order. If you arent getting enough throat hit to satisfy you, then next time try a 3070 vgpg mix or if you want more pillowy clouds of smoke, then maybe a 7030 vgpg mix is for you.

Its going to perform best with a 7030 vgpg ratio but you can get away with using max vg, although the flavor can seem slightly muted with some max vg eliquid. 0 ohm and above) you could use either salt nic or freebase juice.

0ohm novo 2 mesh coil is one of the best ways to vape nic salts. Still an autodraw, the novo 2 has nearly double the battery size of a novo at 850mah. The smok novo 2 has a max output of 25 watts versus 15 for the original novo. The lack of swappable coils is actually a benefit for many vapers.

  pg 20vg 80 this ratio will provide a super smooth vape with dense clouds. Vapers that use lower resistance coils may choose this kind of ratio for the smoothness it provides. Like the pg 30 vg 70 this is also the choice for higher wattage vapers.

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Best vg pg ratio for smok novo

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