Astroneer all achievements

Astroneer all achievements

  there are a total of 56 achievements in astroneer as of patch 1. Certain achievements will also unlock customization options for the players account.

Full list of all 56 astroneer achievements worth 1,075 gamerscore. It takes around 60-80 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game on xbox one.

Use the probe scanner to find one of the mysterious vintage probes. They spawn randomly in particular biomes from planet-to-planet.

Plant at least one of every type of seed spinelily, lashleaf, bouncevine, wheezeweed, thistlewhip, popcoral, and daggeroot.

This game is still in development and new achievements come out ever here and there, and i will be sure to add them as soon as i know about them!

If anyone wants all the achievementspallets on astroneer without doing all of them just use steam achievement manager. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The core awakening cheevs were all hidden, iirc, but not sure anymore about which others were hidden. I think one of them is for opening every surface gateway in a single game. You can look at the global achievements from your profile page to see the achievements you dont have yet.

  missions are goals for players to work towards, helping to guide players along the path of the game, while offering rewards along the way. The missions panel offers various missions to do, such as collect resources, craft certain items, or interact with the main goal of the game. Completing missions give rewards to the player, that can assist with progression in the game.

  a gift for players that purchased astroneer during the early access phase, before the release of 1. Control suit an exclusive suit rewarded to players who play astroneer on ps4. Terran suit this suit is acquired by unlocking the sylva awakened achievement by activating the gateway engine in the core of sylva.

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Astroneer all achievements

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