Apex legends sound effects volume

Apex legends sound effects volume

  when youre on the settings page, make sure to drop the in-game music low, change the dialogue to 30-50 volume, and keep sound effect volume at 100. This will allow you to talk to your teammates, listen to ambient sounds, and maintain full control over whatever is going on in your environment.

  a lot of players are experiencing sound issues with apex legends.

From your desktop right click on sounds and select open volume mixer while apex is open. It seems to lower the volume on its own this way for some reason and most of the time it sits at half of the total system volume so up it so its equal to general volume and you should be golden.

The best apex legends audio settings master volume 95 sound effects volume 100 dialogue volume 85 music volume 40 lobby music volume 40 disable voice chat off convert incoming voice to chat text off the built-in chat in this game is bad.

  these same fixes may apply if you have encountered problems with apex legends audio. Complete the following steps to help identify the bug and fix it.

  having issues with apex legends audio which u cant hear gun shots, people talking like your teammates, or just enemy foot steps and other things u cant hear.

  turn the remaining in-game volume up to 100 and adjust the pcheadset volume mixer to the desired effect be sure to adjust your pcheadset audio settings to optimize the audio clarity of footsteps and gunfire.

Sound effects are sounds related to effects in the game, such as explosions, weapons, and character movements. Dialogue refers to characters speaking and other forms of text, such as subtitles, in the game.

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Apex legends sound effects volume

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Apex legends sound effects volume

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