7 days to die upgrade wood frame ps4

7 days to die upgrade wood frame ps4

  how to upgrade wood frames - 7 days to die - ps4 - youtube.

  how to upgrade wood frames in 7 days ways to die you need tools to upgrade blocks. To upgrade wood frames already placed globally, youll need two different things the necessary tools and upgrade materials. With the required materials in your inventory and the appropriate tool equipped in your hand, you simply have to walk up to a wood frame and right-click on it.

Gamer action figures, collectibles, clothing, toys, statues,.

  to upgrade a wood frames, right-click it with one of the required tools while carrying enough upgrade materials in your bag or tool belt. Notes edit edit source a wood frames placed by a player can be picked up again with the e key.

Wood frame can be upgraded into old wood, reinforced wood, and metal reinforced wood.

When you right click, either youll see a numerical bar showing that the frame is being upgraded, or there will be a tiny symbol at the bottom right hand part of your screen showing the material youre missing and a big red x. For wood frames, the first two upgrades require wood, the next two iron.

  approach the wood blocks and right click on it with the chosen tool and an icon will appear showing the current upgrade status. The percentage shown will increase 100 each time the nailgun is used, you will need to use it only once on wood blocks to complete the upgrade. The percentage shown will increase 50 each time the claw hammer is used, you will need to use it 2 times on wood blocks to complete the upgrade.

It is used to upgrade wood frames and other wooden blocks, traps and furniture. Iron is sometimes used as an upgrade material after wood and when upgrading iron frames. The upgrades offer a bit higher durability than wooden blocks. Forged iron is used to upgrade especially furniture, such as doors and different traps.

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7 days to die upgrade wood frame ps4

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